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I really need to get back to roleplaying //cries
Oh, look who decided to show up in your messages. //slapped// :iconpapmingplz: I'm (sorta) back from school work :heart:
{ Genderbent Leslie } by merri-yuu
{ Genderbent Leslie }

^ basically what was inside of my head when drawing this

I name him Lester J. Haynes
{ Re-Noctis: Leslie Haynes } by merri-yuu
{ Re-Noctis: Leslie Haynes }


Name: Leslie J. Haynes
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Race: Human
Height: 172 cm

Weight: 58 kg

ID #: 441
Occupation: Student
Rank: 1
Title: The Shining Knight of Cups
Department: Medics
Weapon: Bushmaster M4 Type Carbine & Scalpels

Due to being an only child. Leslie grew up being pampered alot by her parents. The treatment she received lead her to become careless and oblivious to other people as she was more used to being taken care of than being the one taking care of someone. As a young adult, she tries her best to act her age but also tries to come off sociable to those around her, especially those younger than her.

Leslie also displays numerous sadistic tendencies, often bringing out her childhood trait of being a bully. She tries her best to hide this though, but when she feels like it she may let it out more openly than one would like. Underneath her attempts to be seen as an independent individual, she enjoys being pampered by those she holds dear. Thus, it's no surprise that she'll act like a child towards anyone who catches her fancy.

:bulletgreen: Different forms of music.
:bulletgreen: Being trusted.
:bulletgreen: Wearing simple clothing.
:bulletgreen: Day dreaming.
:bulletgreen: Annoying people.

:bulletred: Being underestimated.
:bulletred: Lack of privacy.
:bulletred: Being insulted.
:bulletred: Untidy clothing.
:bulletred: Spicy food.

Leslie's family Leslie lived with her mother and step-father. She is an only child but she was suppose to have a half-sibling but it died before they knew if it was going to be a girl or boy. She was mostly pampered as a child, thus she was rather childish but that didn't mean she was fully spoiled as her parents also knew how to discipline her. As a child she also became acquainted to Harriet Cruz, who ended up becoming her closest friend as she grew up. She was also a bully as a child, but that habit of seeing herself as higher than everyone left as soon as Because her parents were doctors, she was heavily influenced by them despite they were often busy with work. Leslie greatly looked up to her step-father, however this did not mean she forgot about her real father.

Like every teen, Leslie has complications when fitting in and often subject. She also managed to get rid of the role of being a bully and changed to becoming more sociable and open to everyone. However, this change in attitude also led her to lose her past friends who continued to have the role. She was often subject to teasing and pranks, but she was never the one to complain as she believed being enemies was far worse. Though not being as intelligent as a her step-father, she was still smart to graduate high school as a   As she grew up, Leslie was interested in the sciences that she pursued being a doctor due to her parents. She was heavily interested by the anatomy of different species thus she had the choice of
taking biology.

Her mother and step-father weren't just simple doctors, as they were close to being the top within the hospital. It didn't surprise her that they had to stay at the hospital for so long just to get their work done, in fact she was used to coming to the hospital that she was already friends with the nurses and some doctors there. Her friendliness with the adults affected her behavior around other adults and soon led to be influenced by the calm demeanor they show to others, specifically their patients. But before she could make some of them happy by going to medicine, by her third year in Biology she murdered one of the nurses within the hospital. When they saw her, she tried to explain but before she could say a word they had already handcuff her.

She was about to be placed into the underwater prison. Leslie thought she was being placed there because they thought she was crazy, as if the prison was a mental asylum in a way. She knew what she saw that nurse at that , but it seemed like they didn't believe her. That nurse was different, it was obvious to Leslie. That nurse was a friend, a nice lady yet it seemed like the woman was being haunted or possessed. The change bothered Leslie, and it eventually led to an argument then a near death experience for Leslie. So what else could she do but fight back?

Her parents still tried to contact her but all attempts were futile. When Leslie was close to being left in that prison for how long, she was saved by a suited figure. (Well, "saved" was the proper term at that time) She was given the choice of NOCTIS or that prison. Of course, she chose the former. Thus, she couldn't say goodbye to her parents or to leave them a message to tell what happened to her.

Extra Info:
:bulletblack: Leslie's real father died before she was born, he was a soldier and the dog collar on Leslie's necklace has his initials. (Richard S. Haynes)
:bulletblack: Leslie has an extremely long line of patience and loyalty for a person, even when they harm her. So when that line breaks, they end up being stabbed numerous times by her scalpels in her imagination.
:bulletblack: Her natural hair color is actually light brown, but she dyed it to the color she has now.
:bulletblack: Leslie's cooking is terrifying and often catastrophic.

Harriet Cruz
Despite having a cold start in their friendship, Harriet ended up  becoming a close childhood friend of hers. Even as an adult, she enjoys teasing and calling him embarrassing nicknames (ex. harley, adorkable, etc.) Even though she doesn't make it obvious, she's quite possessive of him and extremely attached. When he is around, she becomes even more childish and noisy.

RP Method(s): Skype (ask me first!), Notes, Comments. (sometimes chatrooms)


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Eureka, Reign, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time.

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I'm a stupid butt who likes to randomly talk when someone starts the conversation 8DDDD

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